For animals and plants

Applications of the remedies in animals

Animals have emotions and experiences that determine their behavior and personality. With the remedies we can treat the negative experiences they have suffered, and unpleasant emotions that they are experiencing.


Like babies, animals can not communicate their feelings and emotions as clear as an adult human. That is why we must first be sure that the animal does not have any physical illness that is causing the unwanted behavior. If there is a physical illness, simply provide rescue remedy.


Bach flower plant

Plants also have feelings. It is well known that plants that were singing, caressing them and put them to music grow more and better than plants to which they are shouted at or abused.
When the plants are sick, often the source of your problem is emotional, and therefore must be treated with Bach Flowers.
Bach Flowers can be used in pot plants, in gardens or crops.
Some applications of Flowers in plants are:

For physical aspects:

Fungi and insect pests: Crab Apple.
Branches or broken leaves: Star of Bethelehem or Rescue Remedy.
Lack of vitality: Olive
Lack of resistance: Hornbeam
After flowering, when the plant delivers its power to the flowers and fruits: Olive

For emotional aspects:

Small or few flowers.
Falling leaves.
Sad appearance: Willow.
To adapt to changes: Walnut mainly with Star of Bethlehem if the change was traumatic, and Olive and Hornbeam if the plants need strength.
After moving them from room to room.
After a move.
After pruning.
After transplantation: Also Wild Rose.
In times of extreme cold, heat, humidity, rain, dryness, wind, and other climate changes: Rescue Remedy, Walnut, Olive and Hornbeam.
For the elms that give pears: Wild Oat and Elm.

What Bach flowers should give the plants ?

Overall treatment for diseases of plants is done with Rescue Remedy ( Rescue Remedy ) . For the emotional aspects , identify what the problem is and give flowers that apply. To adapt to changes, in addition to the Rescue Remedy , it is advisable to add Walnut . After pruning plants , or after they have broken branches or leaves , it is important to wear Star of Bethlehem ( Star of Bethlehem ) , used to traumas or shocks. Dr. Julian Barnard recommended combining Hornbeam , Olive and Vine. Hornbeam confers resistance . Olive gives vitality . Vine helps break the seed and to new outbreaks .

How should I give flowers?

Just the remedies are administered in irrigation water plants. 5 drops of each remedy a bucket of water , or 10 drops if Rescue Remedy ( Rescue Remedy ) are added. We also recommend that the water is ionized with magnetic fields. This water can also be sprayed with spray the leaves , especially if they have fungi or pests.